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Just imagine having a table that you can work on at any height and angle and consists of three parts, flat packed for easy storage and a table that you can use from the age of 3 and into retirement.

So,why SPACECAT? If you consider an investment of $400.00 for a lifetime product with top quality finishes that you can use for nearly any application you need to compare this to your other purchases.

Your cell phone gets replaced every 2 years. $1000.00 or more. Your car if at a stretch every 10 years,$ 36,000.00. Your video games and Play Station every 4 years $500.00 and so on. If one considers that those items will end up in a Scrap yard one day then you will appreciate the value of your SPACE CAT that, unlike many other products, will be used for a lifetime. 

SPACE CAT offers you total satisfaction when working on a table that is so comfortable it becomes part of you.

SPACE CAT is personal, it’s you, it’s modern and stylish, but most of all, it’s practical.

Don’t contemplate. Get yours now.