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General Information

                                         SHIPPING POLICY

Terms and Conditions.

Once your order has been placed and processed we then advise our courier company to collect your product and deliver it to your selected address.

The delivery time will depend on your location however if the courier company collects the item before 10 in the morning you can expect delivery by 10 the morning the following day.

The 3 day grace period for delivery will apply however we assure you of a speedy delivery time.

                                       DELIVERY FEES

  1. SPACECAT is supplied with free delivery anywhere in South Africa.
  2. SILHOUETTES are charged with standard courier fees. More than 10 SILHOUETTES will be supplied with free delivery.

                                       RETURNS AND REFUND POLICY.


All products supplied by SPACE Z are quality checked by our company and a signed sticker 

is placed on the product to confirm that the items have been thoroughly checked.

Each SPACECAT has a serial number. You would be required to log onto our online store and register your SPACECAT to be able to activate your guarantee.


  1. If you receive your product and it’s been opened we advise that the product is not accepted and is returned with the courier company.
  2. If the box is damaged to the extent where it looks as though the product is damaged it must be given back to the courier.
  3. In this instance a new unit will be dispatched on receipt of the product at our distribution centre.
  4. When you receive the product and you are happy with the product you will need to sign the delivery note as item received in perfect condition.
  5. You are obliged to make sure that you know how to assemble the product and this is available on You Tube or on our site.
  6. Standard use means standard wear and tear. This product is designed to give years of service. We do not guarantee against the following.
  • Rough Handling, dropping of parts or assembling incorrectly which is impossible.
  • Scratching on the work surface or any surface with a sharp object or a pen. If you use a white board marker on the top and cannot remove it with standard Isopropyl Cleaning Products we will not accept liability.
  • Bending the Top Flap or the Spine Flap past its envelope and forcing it to break will not be guaranteed (this can only happen under excessive force) further instructions are available on You Tube.
  • Only the top of the SPACECAT is finished in colour all the other components are finished in a grey colour, if you have a damaged top we reserve the right to exchange only the damaged component and not the whole unit.
  • The hinges on the SPACECAT are manufactured from Aluminium and cannot rust however any excessive tilting of the top flap and spine flap which results in structural failure will not be guaranteed.
  • The underside of the base will be in contact with the floor and may result in very small scratches over time if placed on tiles; however this has no relevance to the operation of the table and will not be covered by our guarantee.
  • If the product you receive is not functioning correctly then you may return the item at your expense for a replacement provided that the product is received in its original box with packaging and is sealed.
  • If you received the SPACECAT as a gift you would need to provide the name of the person who purchased the item and provide proof of purchase.
  • The returns policy will only be effective for 7 days after receipt by you.
  • If the colour has been ordered off the online store incorrectly we will not accept liability for this, it is advisable that you make the right decision.
  • Customised tables will carry the same terms and conditions.


  1. These products are ordered either for DIY application or as gifts some products have glass others don’t. If you find broken glass as a result of rough handling during delivery we will replace the glass at our expense. A picture needs to be emailed to as proof.
  2. It is the client’s responsibility to check the items while the courier is with you to check for breakages.
  3. Should you accidentally break a glass which goes into a frame this won’t be covered by our guarantee.
  4. All products are quality checked, these items are manufactured on CNC machines and are all the same, and please note that edges are rough and not sanded, this would be part of your DIY project.
  5. Please log onto the You Tube Links provided to get further information on finishing etc.
  6. SILHOUETTES are packed in 100 micron packets and will be sealed. Any sign of the product having been opened must be reported to the courier on delivery.

                   FRAUD AND CREDIT CARD THEFT

  1.  Various methods of payment are available on our online store. Please note that we will accept no responsibility for fraudulent transactions on our site with regards to payment from stolen cards where payment has been made and items have been dispatched.
  2. In the event of items being delivered to false addresses where the courier company has delivered and has a signed receipt of delivery from the recipient and where the payment was made with a stolen credit card, SPACE Z will not accept liability for any refund.


  1.  The stock availability depends on the availability of raw material supply and demand for the product.
  2. Please note that if our stock availability is low or sold out you will give preference on a first come first serve basis.
  3. Whilst we will attempt to make sure that you get your product as per our terms and conditions we cannot accept liability  for any supplier not meeting our raw material requirements.
  4. Customised products may be subject to a longer waiting period.
  5. If we are out of stock of a particular colour you may choose a different colour or accept a slight delay while more stock is being manufactured.
  6. Stock availability will be updated daily on our site.