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About Us


We are a company that has its roots in 40 years of manufacturing quality products for the educational, Office and decorative segments of the market.

The SPACE CAT table is a unique product and a culmination of 40 years in manufacturing developing innovative and practical products for anyone and everyone.

SPACE CAT is a world First Invention which was developed on CAD and is manufactured on Computer Numerically Controlled machinery.

The SPACE CAT has numerous applications and is a The Only Table you would ever need , Its is suitable from the age of 3 all the way through to retirement and can be used for home schooling Offices, Studies, Kids Rooms , University Students , Senior scholars, medical profession and the list of applications is endless.

As a company with 40 years experience in manufacturing, our CEO Glen Kruger, Invented this unique product and has put his name behind the brand SPACE CAT accentuating his commitment to making sure that everyone in the world gets to enjoy this unique product.

The company is also driven by making sure there is no wastage of material and produces a range of products called SILHOUETTES for all ages to enjoy, adding the DIY factor allowing both young and old to get creative in a world of digital mayhem.

We assure you of our best attention as an online store with a difference.

South African Patent Number : 2020 / 06331 / 

European Design Application Number : CDR 008 487029